Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Music Producers!


Instagram content has become one of the most popular ways to deliver a message to an audience. As music producers, consume lots of content to help us with our careers. Whether it's networking, production tutorials, or marketing tips, there is an ocean of knowledge on Instagram ready to be tapped into by every producer. Use social media as a tool to grow and learn. Today we're going over the top accounts to follow on Instagram for music producers!


While this is a post to expand your horizons, we couldn't help but highlight our own content. @wavgrind on Instagram and TikTok provides a multitude of content ranging from beat tutorials to marketing tips and educational gems.

On any WavGrind social media account, you'll find drum tutorials, sample breakdowns, FL Studio tips, melody techniques, and so much more. Our aim with the content we produce is to kill beat block and provide a free resource for producers looking to grow in their craft and career.

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Internet producer, LarryOhh, creates extremely high quality content revolving around music production and FL Studio. His Instagram reels and TikTok account both provide the viewer with constant information and educational tips when it comes to music creation. Whether you're having trouble with melodies, drums, mixing, networking, or anything in between, LarryOhh can help you out with his videos!

For example, let's take a look at this video about hi hats:



As you can see, Larry is showing a unique method for creating a hi hat pattern using the Grossbeat plugin. This is unorthodox and you may not have found this technique anywhere else on the internet. Not only is he showing you how to use the method, but he is also giving away the free presets to anyone who leaves a comment! This shows his dedication to his community and generosity to the people who support his content.

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ProducerSpotlight has become one of the best places on the internet for producer news and drama over the past few months. This account highlights producers from all over the world and can be the first source to break a story in the producer community. They are known for exposing scammers, promoting inspiring producer content, and highlighting quotes from top industry producers. If you aren't already, following this account will definitely get you in the loop with the producer community.


producer spotlight


One of my favorite parts of this account is the comment section. Everyone seems to be friendly for the most part and you can engage in thoughtful discussions about the producer community. While some posts can spark more intense arguments, for the most part, community members are uplifting and helpful. If you're not already, head to their account and join the conversation!

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Onetrack is an account that highlights the underground music world. Whether you're a producer, artist, or engineer, Onetrack's content will benefit you in some way or another. The content you will find here revolves around artist's methods of growth, how to network with other musicians in the industry, and how to create content of your own to grow your brand. They also highlight music industry executives and why it's important to follow people in places you want to be.  


onetrack instagram


As well as showing content that can help grow your own career, Onetrack often highlights underground artists that could be a perfect fit for a producer to send beats to. Most of the time these artists are not too big and would most likely be willing to work with someone if they get hit up. Just remember to use proper etiquette when DMing someone for the first time. To read more about this, check out this blog.


On the ProducerCulture Instagram account, you wiill find clips from interviews, TikToks, tweets, and Instagram posts from top industry producers filled with gems you can learn from. This is one of the best places to find educational content from Grammy winning, multiplatinum producers such as Tay Keith, Wheezy, Metro Boomin, Pharrell, Southside, and many more. This collection of content will inspire and teach any producer whether they are just starting out or they are a seasoned veteran in the game.


Producer culture instagram


A great way to use this account as a networking tool is when they post an album's production credits. Every one in a while, Producer Culture will post a popular album that was recently released and tag every producer's Instagram account. If you're looking for people to work with, you can check these accounts and find some producers that don't have that big of a following. From here, you can reach out and try to start a relationship with these producers. Be on the lookout for the next production credit's post from Producer Culture!

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Instagram is filled with helpful accounts for all music producers, no matter what level. Even multiplatinum producers can find something benefitial from some of these accounts. No matter how far you go in your music journey, there is always more to be learned, and these Instagram accounts are the perfect place to start. There are hundreds, if not thousands of accounts on Instagram dedicated to helping you find your way in the music industry, but these are just our top five favorites.

In summary, here are the best Instagram accounts for Music Producers!

1) @wavgrind

2) @larryohh

3) @producedspotlight

4) @onetrack

5) @producerculture

Let us know if you have any other favorites in the comments!

Written by Jake Tompkins



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