If You're Having Issues Accessing Your Orders, Please Follow The Steps Below:

Check the email you bought the pack with:

Whenever you buy a pack or bundle off our site, you're emailed the download link multiple times. If you don't receive the download link after a few minutes, please check your spam and promotions folder because sometimes it can end up there. If it isn't there, please check any other email accounts you have and your PayPal email if you used PayPal.


If you bought a bundle off our site, please create an account on our members area:

This includes the Producer Growth Kit, Modern Producer Bundle, Crystal Producer Bundle, Galaxy Producer Bundle, and all of our other bundles. Please create an account/login here, with the same email you bought the bundle with. Please click forgot password and reset it. You should be able to get access to your bundles.


If you have the download link but are having issues downloading or extracting:

Keep in mind that every now and then servers or computers can mess up and cause a download to fail. Computers aren't really designed to download massive files just off an internet browser. But do this and it will work 99% of the time. Start downloading the bundle, make sure you have enough space and good internet connection, then leave that tab open. Going to another tab or app can leave your internet browser with not enough bandwidth or processing power to continue. Then wait until the download finishes. Extract with Winrar on Windows or Unarchiver on PC if your computers default unzip tools aren't working.


If you're still having issues, please contact support@wavgrind.com