The Most Influencial Producers In The Music Industry!

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy some catchy hip-hop music. And after listening to so many cool beats, chances are you’re wondering, who the heck comes up with these? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place!! Here are the best music producers in the hip-hop industry!

So what are the things that make someone a good producer? It's hard to explain, but there are a few criteria. Style, beat, sampling, influence, and success are just a few. Thus, if you wish to have a clear idea about these people, stick around till the end!  


7 Best Hip-Hop Music Producers

Before we begin, please keep in mind that all the producers listed below have a league of their own. They have mastered their way of music and helped many rappers reach the top. Since skills like these shouldn't be ranked, the order of this list is not chronological. That being said, let’s get right to it!


  1. DJ Premier

DJ Premiere

How can you appreciate beats without knowing about DJ Premier? Christopher Edward Martin is an American rap record producer. He specializes in East Coast music samples with a mixture of old-school boom-bap. His genres of choice are jazz, funk, and soul, with a bit of turntable scratching!   

He got his big break from half of the hip-hop band Gang Starr, with his partner, rapper Guru. From then onwards, this dude has been creating sensational beats for top artists like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, AZ, Mos Def, and many others. He also lends his music skills to potential rappers of the future. He is truly a masterclass of a guy, if you ask us!


  1. Daniel Alan Maman, aka The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Born in 1977, The Alchemist is a master of the East Coast, sometimes with boom-bap drums. He plays with this style, which forms other types of melody packs and arrangements. He’s not called the Alchemist for nothing! He concocted superb music for rappers like Nas, Prodigy, Ghostface Killah, and Fat Joe.

The producer began his music career in the hip-hop duo called The Whooliganz. You might recognize his work from the top charts, but don’t recognize him. Hence, recently, he’s starting to spread his name by signing his beats to a larger fanbase. And we love that he’s doing that! 


  1. Kan(Ye) West

Kanye West

It would be hard to find a music lover and especially an aspiring producer who hasn't heard of Ye. And even though he doesn’t sing much now, his contributions as a producer are unparalleled. He gained much popularity as the producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. He also developed the ‘’chipmunk soul’’ sampling style. So, this guy knows his stuff!

He stylizes the quintessential Midwest with clever use of that chipmunk soul sample. His tracks have such a profound influence that you might recognize his beats instantly! Kanye has sold over 160 million records and received 21 Grammy awards. His style is so unique, it’s like a genre of its own!


  1. Dr Dre

Dr Dre

You probably heard about Dr. Dre, right? He’s a famous music producer who kept the hip-hop genre alive to this day. This awesome guy started his career as one of the members of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru. His music style had a bit of a transition. At first, he styled on G-Funk hip hop. Then, to cope with the new era, he turned his skill to the new wave on the West Coast.

After Wreckin’ Cru, Dre gained fame with the gangsta rappers, the N.W.A. Then, he produced beats for artists like Eazy E, Tupac, Eminem, 50 Cent, and even Kendrick Lamar! His rep knows no bounds, just like his beat style. Truly one of the G.O.A.T of the music industry. 


  1. Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin

Frederick Jay Rubin is an all-time famous American rap record producer who popularized hip-hop music. This old-timer is far from done with his music production! Born in 1963, Rick produced a variety of music samples for famous artists. You heard ‘99 problems’, right? What about ‘Public Enemy No. 1’? All Rubin’s beats!

His style is the forgotten 80’s boom-bap with the 808 drum beats. Despite this, he is still achieving great success. His work with Kanye West, Wu-Tang, Limp Bizkit, Geto Boys, and Run DMC are other notables. Hopefully, we will hear about his genre style in the coming days!


  1. Timbaland (Timothy Zachery Mosley)


The American rapper and producer started his full-time production on Ginuwine. Ginuwine was the R&B bachelor singer in 1996, which boomed his career. Timbaland then re-invented his beats by adding more 80’s styles mixed with synth hits and melodies in 2010. From then on, he started to create even more history!

There was a time when most of the beats you heard on the radio were by Timbaland! He worked with artists like Nelly Furtado, Magoo, Lil Kim, Astor Troy, Xzibit, LL Cool, and way more! He’s one of the few producers who rose this high with his unique style.


  1. Seven


Seven is dominating the underground music scene. Seven's strength in music theory gives him an edge over other music producers. He also adds arrangements and orchestrations to his musical melodies. The guy got his big break on a Tech N9ne album and is now doing work for Strange Music requirements.

His progressive beat style is nothing to scoff at, and that’s why he’s gaining so much fame. Hence, we’d like you to have an idea about this dude. His mention-worthy music scores are with Insane Clown Posse, The R.O.C, Stevie Stone, Big Scoob, Mac Lethal, and Prozak. Hopefully, we’ll see him more in the limelight!



We know that this list isn’t even scratching the surface of the best music producers in the hip-hop industry. We can add many producers, like Pete Rock and J Dilla. However, this is an excellent starting point. Hopefully their stories have inspired you to pursue your dreams of becoming a music producer one day.

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