The best plugins for music producers!🔌 (updated 2023)

You’ll spend a lot of time making music as a musician or producer. As such, you’ll need some plugins that will aid you in finding that crisp sound, perfect effects, and beautiful pitch. But there could be so many to choose from! You might feel overwhelmed. That’s why we present the best plugins for music producers like you!

All in all, these pieces of software are remarkable for their unique purposes. So, do give them a go after reading this article! So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. 


7 Best Software Plugins For Music Production

The best music plugins for producers!

Before we begin, there’s something you need to know. You've probably heard about those free plugins for music production. We think they are great if you’re not willing to spend cash. But they do lack additional features and professionalism. Hence, we would suggest you consider the options we are giving here.

iZotope’s Trash 2

iZotope Trash 2

Trash 2 is an excellent software for distorting sounds to your desire. You can use this software to change settings on a deeper level. This way, you’ll get unique distortion profiles that much other software cannot achieve. If you like extra grit in your drums or guitar sounds, then Trash is for you!

Another incredible perk of this software is the multiband options. These options pair up well with your bass, brass parts, guitar, and voice! So, get creative by formulating gentle or aggressive distortions! They're also a bunch of presents to choose from. So, it’s suitable for digital sounds and recorded audio alike!


Soothe 2 of Oeksound

Soothe 2 of Oeksound music producer plugin

Do you need software that can detect drawback frequencies automatically and then reduce them transparently? Well then, we have the perfect software for you. Oeksound Soothe 2 is the right distortion software for the job! Its GUI is extended, calm, and smart. There are easy-to-understand pop-ups to guide you about everything!

A large knob will attenuate all your frequencies to the optimal level. The software will also recommend suggestions to you when necessary! Its superior attenuation is so flexible that it can leave some parts of the music intact. Such options can help when you need to distort specific frequencies and details of your audio. So, get yourself the Soothe 2!


Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 music producer plugin

Drums are an essential instrument in most music. And you need unique drum samples to pair up with your original piece. That’s why, with over 230 gigabytes of drum samples, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 is an absolute madhouse!

It has the most versatile collection with an array of drum beats recorded in high-end microphones. The plugin also allows you to edit the drum tracks to import them directly into your audio. So, please do consider this software when it comes to drums!


Little AlterBoy Voice Manipulator by Soundtoys

Little AlterBoy Voice Manipulator by Soundtoys music producer plugin

Little Alterboy is the perfect software to shift your pitches. We love this software because of its simplicity and ease of use. But don’t let that fool you! It has some unique features you can use for your music. You can get a vast range of vocal changes by turning a single knob. You can change the singer’s gender, and add harmonic and even robotic-like effects!

It also comes with three modes. These are Transpose, Robot, and Quantize. The software comes with two adjustable knobs for Formant and Pitch. Also, there are two simulated tube drives and one mix knob. This is to adjust how dry or wet your pitch should be. So, hopefully, you’ll consider this beautiful pitch shifter! 


Reveal Sound Spire

Reveal Sound Spire music producer plugin

You cannot have a DAW without a proper synthesizer! And that’s why we have picked Reveal Sound Spire for that. It comes with 4 various oscillators for multiple possibilities of sound creation. Besides that, there are 7 unique modes for each of the oscillators. This way, you can mix different audio modules like AM Sync, FM, and much more!

Additionally, there are 9 voices per oscillator as well! So, you can have versatility in your mix and produce unique meshes. The two multi-mode filters will allow you to edit your audio to check if your voices are mixing perfectly. No wonder this software rose up in popularity. The features are endless!


Glitchmachine’s Palindrome

Glitchmachine’s Palindrome music producer plugin

Nothing beats a good sound sampler for mixing and editing your melody packs! And the Palindrome will do precisely that! The software's futuristic UI will motivate you to make and edit your music. The software has 4 sampler modules that can trigger separately. You’re also given 8 envelopes to craft your sounds further.

The best feature of Palindrome is the plotting grid. You can arrange or rearrange your landscape into a 2D graft. Thus, you can reimagine sound design and edit them accordingly! Moreover, it has 70 ingrained presets to craft unique sounds of your choice! Hence, this software is perfect for both newbies and professionals!  


Vienna Symphonic Library Essential Orchestral Volume 1

Vienna Symphonic Library Essential Orchestral Volume 1

If you’re an orchestral music producer, then we have the perfect software. The Essential Volume 1 is a powerhouse of software compared to an industry level. The software comes with 28 instruments to fulfill all your symphonic desires!

The instruments recorded inside this software are all legato articulated. This means they are natural-sounding, having proper transitions between melodic phrases. And the instruments are pure in heart. They are not edited in any shape or form. So, please give this software a go!


At last, we arrived at the end. How was the list? Does anything here excite you? We hope it does! So, we appreciate you very much for reading till the end. Remember that artists don’t become artists in one day. It takes a lot of effort, time, and elbow grease. So, get out there, use these pieces of software, and craft unique music styles!        

If you'd like to find some music equipment you can use along side these software, this music equipment guide will help you out. 

And if you need some music samples to start that journey, check out our drum kits and melody packs! You’ll indeed find something that fits your style! Thanks for stopping by and good luck to you.



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  • I wish all the best for you guys .. and I’m doing a lot of beats with the pack , because I have other wavgrind pack as well that I bought on my another email , you guys is the best Iove your Melodie’s, I’m musician since I was 10 years old but start music production 1 year ago and start my course on university of music technology 5 months ago, as I’m very focus on music I learn a lot of things so fast , but the quality of my production is actually becoming good now after I start the uni, and a long this journey you guys help so much, I can do my own Melodies now but your Melodie’s is unique, and I want to be reciprocated with you guys, because you make me so happy with the free samples that you sent me , this is year wasn’t easy for me and the only things that used make me happy was the music , makes me keep going I nearly gave up but when I was about to do it , there was freee samples pack on my email , and as music lover I wanted to make a beat to see how is going to be , and today I can say my music is Getting better and I don’t ever think to gave up anymore, never stop to create guys, there is 1 Melodie’s that makes cry when I finish the beat I’m a bit emotional about music .. I study so much to learn to produce like 10 hours a day , I lose my wife this year and didn’t have any choice so the music keeps my mind busy .. thanks guys..


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