The Best Music Production Software!

Best software for music producers

You may have a great song inside your mind but do you have the proper software to provide full capabilities? The correct software will simplify the process and transform ideas into reality. We provide the rundown on the best digital audio workstation or DAW, which basically records, edits, remixes and masters the audio files.

Digital audio workstations

How to choose?

When selecting a DAW, always make sure to identify your budget because this is an investment that will likely last several years. Choose a software depending on your experience level. Think about if you are using a PC or a Mac because some software is compatible with only certain types. A software that is scalable from beginner to pro-level is an ideal plus, because you will progress in expert level as you learn more. Are you a live performer? Then you will need software that is integrated with live performance gear.

Overall best DAW: ProTools 12

Pro Tools 11 Digital Audio Workstation

Most professional recording studios use ProTools and it is one of the best software out there. Plus, the advantage is that you can use this software at home using any audio interface. Choose between Pro Tools Ultimate and Pro Tools, which are two plans the software offers. Get to record as much as 128 tracks with capabilities for 64 hardwire outputs and inputs. When used at the mixing level, it will support as much as 1024 MIDI tracks and 512 instruments. So even if your project is very big, you will not face setbacks or delays. With over 120 plugins you are sure to benefit from this software.


The next best: Reason 12

Reason Studios 12 Digital Audio Workstation

Reason Studios is primarily known for its effects and plugins. But if you are looking for a mix between live instrument type recording and electronic production, the Reason 12 has a robust set of features. With Reason 12, you get access to Mimic, which is a sampler for modern producers and beatmakers. You can use it for chopping, triggering, and manipulation. You also get access to a large sound bank with over 29,000 samples, loops, and device patches. You can still access their classic Matrix Pattern Sequencer, which controls tracks with 32 steps per pattern. You get a live link from Ableton and VST Support, if you wish to produce in Reason but you get live playback sequencing in Ableton. If you are part of Reason you can definitely enjoy a solid fan base.


Value for money: Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X Digital Audio Workstation

When it comes to the best software for audio production, Logic Pro is always on the list. The newest X version provides a slimmed version of all their sound libraries and so the price point is reduced from 500 USD to 200 USD. However, considering the features you get, it certainly provides value for money. With the Smart Tempo feature, it matches and reads a BPM, and adjusts recording as per what’s in the project. The stock plugins for vintage EQs and reverbs are also upgraded. Drummer patches are also upgraded for various musical genres, and you get to use the Logic Remote mobile app to convert the phone to a remote control. Plus, with all tracking abilities and I/O with modulation, you have true value for money.


Electronic production: Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11 Digital Audio Workstation

Ableton is the industry standard for EDM, DJs, and hip hop. The Ableton Live 11 has features for both beginner and experienced beat makers. It arrives in three variants - Standard edition, Intro version, and full Suite. If you are an average producer, the full Suite might be overwhelming. The Standard edition works best. You get unlimited MIDI and audio track, 12 return and send buses, 256 mono outs and ins, MIDI inputs for the purpose of live programming, complicated warp modes and much more. Over 1800 sounds are built into the software, and you get 14 MIDI and 37 audio effects. The Ableton Live 11 edition includes comping capabilities. Multiple passes of MIDI or audio performance can be organized into individual takes, and multiple tracks can be linked to edit at the same time.


Songwriters’ choice: Presonus Studio One 5 Artist

Studio One 5 Digital Audio Workstation

The Studio One variant from Presonus has created the 5 Artist option. The Studio One range provides a single-window, streamlined workflow that doesn't need back and forth tab navigation across multiple screens. There is an option for concurrent audio recording, and multitrack editing. The loop comping offers drag and drop options with over 30 native plugins added. There is also in-built Melodyne functionality, which offers high-level pitch correction.


Within budget: Acid Music Studio 11

Acid Music Studio 11

Acid Music Studio 11 provides robust starter features like 192 kHz, 24-bit multitrack sound, with a 64-bit engine. There are 6 plugin effects and 8 virtual instruments. You also get to choose from over 2500 loops for house, hip hop and rock. Record an unlimited number of audio tracks, track live many instruments and map custom shortcuts into the keyboard. There is VST plugin support so functionality can be expanded. Plus, files can be exported in Wav, mp3, or FLAC.


Melodyne Editor 5 Premium Plugin: Melodyne Editor 5 Digital Audio Workstation

The fifth wave in Melodyne offers “assistant” and “essential” tiers. But it is the editor tier that provides editing capabilities for polyphonic pitch. This functionality is known as DNA or Direct Note Access. Just take the audio input, feed into the software. Each note is mapped out onto a piano-like interface, so pitches can be isolated, smoothed out, or dragged into another note. This plugin interfaces with every major DAW and is set to be indispensable to your production toolkit.


Mobile compatibility: iZotope Spire

iZotope Spire Software And Hardware

The iZotope Spire is a combined hardware and software package and you can download the Spire software free. However, for full functionality, you need the hardware. This becomes a mobile studio easily fit into a backpack. The package comprises inputs for mic, condenser mic in built. But the true star is the Spire software. Once paired, multiple tracks can be recorded via Spire device. Once mastering and mixing commences, a graphical interface allows you to drag tracks into the mix.


I hope you find the right software for your music needs! If you need royalty free melodies and drum samples, check out these


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